Korean Learning App: Hello Talk

I discovered a language learning app where you can chat with a native of the language you’re learning. It’s called Hello Talk and you can download it through Google Play or Apps Store. The interface is similar to WeChat, you can send text messages, images or record your voice. After registration, you have to indicate your native language and the language you’re learning then the app will load suggestions for you. Of course I chose Korean and I’ve been chatting with Koreans all day. I just love this app so much.

By the way, you can only chose one language but you can go back to your profile and change it later. Once you found a language partner, you can add them or just immediately message them. If you couldn’t understand your language partner’s message you can translate it to your native language by pressing hold. Watch their promotional video and check it out yourself. ^^


It’s very helpful right. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!  Click here to go to their site.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


4 thoughts on “Korean Learning App: Hello Talk

  1. Hi – I’m curious, are you still using Hellotalk? Would like to chat as I found it interesting for about one week and then stopped using it. I’m wondering if there’s something better out there.

  2. I’m using it now, but i’m probably going to uninstall it by the end of the week. Time differences make it a little hard to chat with people across the globe. But the app is heading in the right direction.

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